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World of Warcraft Classic is full of professions that players can immerse themselves in. One of the most important for The Burning Crusade is leather processing. While drum players who can do crafts are not as strong as they were in the original game, they are still the key to party raids. If you need help with skin processing skills to the maximum level, check out our guide below.

Necessary materials

You may want to collect most of your stock before starting to grind to level 375. You can do this either by downloading the whole skin yourself or by buying it from the market. Obviously, it will take a long time, but it’s also much cheaper. In addition, you can sell excess skin to ensure a net profit. Here is a rough estimate of all the materials needed:

  • 300 x light leather
  • 25 x medium hide
  • 10 x Heavy Hide
  • 270 x heavy leather
  • 440 x thick leather
  • 460 x robust leather
  • 100 x Knothide leather scrap
  • 1400 x Knothide leather
  • 80 x thick Clefthoof leather

In addition, you will need threads and other materials that can be purchased from leather retailers.

Leather industry 1 to 300

First you need to go to one of the big cities and learn to learn how to work with skin from a coach. Depending on your faction, just go to one of the capital cities (Orgrimmar, Stormwind City, etc.) and find a coach. As you progress, you will need to return to these coaches to continue advancing.

Once you reach 125, you will need to go to either Darnassus (Alliance) or Thunder Bluff (Horde) and reach level 20 to learn how to work with leather products. Then you will have to hit level 35 and head to either Hinterlands (Alliance) or Feralas (Horde) to learn leather crafts at level around 200. This means that here is a general guide on how to get to level 300.

  • Light armor set (1 x light leather) 1 to 45
  • Hide cured light (1 x hide light, 1 x salt) 45 to 55
  • Embossed leather gloves (3 x light leather, 2 x coarse fiber) 55 to 85
  • Fine leather belt (6 x light leather, 2 x coarse thread) 85 to 100
  • Cured medium skin (1 x medium skin, 1 x salt) 100 to 120
  • Fine leather belt (6 x light leather, 2 x coarse thread) 120 to 125
  • Dark leather belt (1 fine leather belt, 1 x hardened middle shelter, 2 x fine fiber, 1 x gray dye) 125 to 150
  • Cured heavy skin (1 x heavy skin, 3 x salt) 150 to 160
  • Heavy armor set (5x heavy leather, 1 x fine fiber) 160 to 180
  • Barbarian shoulders (8x heavy leather, 1 x hardened heavy leather, 2 x fine thread) 180 to 190
  • Dusky Bracers (16 x heavy leather, 1 x black dye, 2 x silk thread) 180 to 190
  • Set of strong armor (5x thick leather, 1 x silk thread) 200 to 205
  • Nightscape headband (5 x thick leather, 2 x silk thread) 205 to 230
  • Nightscape pants (14 x thick leather, 4 x silk thread) 230 to 250
  • Rugged Armor Kit (5 x Rugged Leather) 250 to 265
  • Wicked Leather Bracers (8 x sturdy leather, 1 x black dye, 1 x rune thread) 265 to 285
  • Leather headband made of leather (14 x robust leather, 1 x black dye, 1 x rune thread) 285 to 300

The Burning Crusade Leatherworking 300 to 375

For the last round of leather processing, you have to go to Outland and talk to one of the local coaches. Don’t forget to head to Shattrath and talk to Cro Threadstrong. They sell a pattern for Heavy Knothide Leather, which you’ll have to finish grinding up to 375. It’s also worth getting Honored’s reputation with the Sha’tar faction, so you can buy a Drums of Battle pattern from Almaador in Shattrath. Here is the path we used to reach the maximum level:

  • Knothide Leather (5 x Knothide Leather Scraps) 300 to 310
  • Knothide armor set (4 x Knothide leather) 310 to 325
  • Heavy Knothide leather (5 x Knothide leather) 325 to 335
  • Strong draene vest (14 x Knothide leather, 3 x Runehide) 335 to 350
  • Heavy Knothide armor set (3 x Leather Knothide leather) 350 to 365
  • Drums of Battle (6 x heavy Knothide leather, 4 x thick Clefthoof leather) 365 to 375

This should get you to the maximum level and open up everything the leather industry has to offer. Don’t forget to choose a specialization in leather processing and fulfill these tasks. If you want to do leather processing in Dragonscale, head to Azshara (Alliance) or Badlands (Horde). This specialization provides access to armor that works well for either Elemental Shamans or Hunters.

Elemental tanners should head to either the Searing Gorge (Alliance) or the Arathi Highlands (Horde). Their armor is best for Rogue. Eventually, the tribal tanners must go to Feralas and then to Stranglethorn Vale to accomplish these tasks. This set of armor is best for either druids or non-elemental shamans.

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