WitcherCon promises announcements from Netflix and CD Projekt Red – but don’t expect any new games

WitcherCon promises announcements from Netflix and the Project Red CD – but don’t expect any new games

Netflix and CD Project Red announced WitcherCon – a new event, which will take place on Friday 9 July and will contain information on various projects related to the Sorcerer.

Packaging Netflix’s Geeked Week, streaming service and game developer CD Project Red has announced another event that will take place next month and will focus exclusively on The Witcher.

The event (so-called WitcherCon, unsurprisingly) will host the two companies and plans to “celebrate the Sorcerer’s Universe with panels, secret tours and more.” It will be available for live viewing worldwide, streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

Take a look at the sample below.

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Although the companies have not yet announced anything that will appear at the event, we can make some instructive estimates of what will appear there.

First, it’s obvious to see more of The Witcher Season 2. Since the show has also seemingly resumed for the third season, it’s clear that both companies will want to show off as much of the upcoming season as possible to explode hype for a television project.

Before the second season of The Witcher Netflix, we’ve already seen the opening scene of the upcoming season and also heard some information about the reworked characters. What’s more, The Wild Hunt also seems to be coming into play.

If you are hoping for a new game, we will be happy to disappoint you; The official website of the event says: “No new game will be announced at WitcherCon, but there are still plenty of reasons to tune in.”

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