Will NBA 2K22 be available for the Nintendo Switch?

It’s time of year again, as many basketball fans are looking forward to the start of the new NBA season and the release of the annual NBA 2K game. This year, the NBA 2K22 will be launched worldwide on September 10, and just like last year, Madden will be available for current and future generations of consoles. But what about the Nintendo Switch? Last year, the NBA 2K21 was launched for the Switch, but this console only received the current version. So about 2021? Now we have the answer.

On July 14, Take-Two officially endorsed NBA 2K22. The title will be available for a range of consoles, including old-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Xbox consoles, PCs and Nintendo Switch consoles.

However, Nintendo Switch users will not be able to experience a true next-generation NBA 2K22 experience. In NBA 2K22 Frequently Asked Questions, the NBA 2K22 development team answered a question about the future of next-generation PC and Switch games. The 2K team stressed that they focused on ensuring the optimization of the NBA 2K22 versions for the Xbox Series X and PS5.

The 2K team concluded that the developers were working to ensure that the experience for this year was fresh, but that the new generation of Switch would not come. However, there is a chance that it may in the future. The developers of NBA 2K noted that they will continue to explore this possibility in the near future.

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