Will Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 have an ending event?

Image via Epic Games

As Chapter 2, Season 6 draws to a close at Fortnite, players are wondering if there will be a season event. Of course, it is a tradition that something quite spectacular happens to move Fortnite from one season to the next.

Truth be told, we also have a lot of questions to answer from the last event at the end of the season that actually led to Primal and Spire Island. What happened to the Foundation after it closed inside Zero Point to save the island? How will Jonesy help him find other members of the Seven? What effect will Spire have on an island we don’t even know about yet?

The event at the end of the season seems to be a logical way to give us some answers and correctly introduce the aliens who seem to be on their way to the island. At this point, however, Epic said nothing at all about the events at the end of the season, when it might be, or how we could watch it.

The chances of this happening are, of course, very high, we just don’t have any official confirmation from the developers themselves. Hopefully, Epic will confirm whether or not the event will happen soon, and give us a few details about what it could be. If this happens, you can check this article for updates with all the details.

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