Who Wields The Wild Wind quest guide – Genshin Impact

As the Golden Apple Archipelago changes after the 2nd act of Midsummer Island’s Adventures, players will find much more space to explore and new groups of islands to visit. In the very northwest corner of the map, a cluster of islands appears connected by bridges. Players who visit the area will discover a new world quest to complete “Who Wields The Wild Wind”.

The task itself is quite simple. When he arrives, Paimon will think of the fog and chest trapped behind a red energy dome in the middle of the islands. Players will have to climb to the top of all three stone towers and eliminate the enemies at the top.

The East Island has a broken wooden ramp that will lead to the top, and along the way they will have to fight some enemies. Climb to the very top, where you will find some enemies near your chest. Remove them and a second wave will appear. The dome around the chest in the middle of the island will visibly weaken and players will know they are on the right track.

Visit the top of all three towers, repeat the process, remove the enemies at the very top and open the chests they find there. When all three are done, the red energy dome disappears and players can fall into the beach chest in the middle of the beach.

A large enemy will appear, which players must take, and then they will be able to open the chest and retrieve the loot from it, thus completing the task.

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