Who is Valkyrie in Apex Legends?

Valkyrie close up

Valkyrie is the latest legend in Apex Games in Season 9: Legacy, but her story actually begins much earlier. Before Apex Legends there were Titanfall 1 and 2. In Titanfall, the term Pilot means much more than just piloting something. The pilot is someone who has the power to control the Titan, and that is a prestigious honor.

One of these pilots that Titanfall 2 fans should be familiar with is the Viper. Boss from Titanfall 2 with a modified Northstar Titan. This is where the latest name Stories from the Outlands While Viper is dead and left the hands of Jack Cooper, the protagonist of Titanfall 2, his legacy lives on. But it is our latest Legend that lives in this shadow of Legacy. Kairi Imahara, aka Valkyrie, is the daughter of a fallen Viper pilot. This means that while she carries a series of revenge against the Titanfall 2 antagonist Kuben Blisk, who hired her father to fight in the first place, she is not here to continue in her father’s name. She is here to create her own.

Valkyrie is friendly to one of the existing Legends: Rampart, which debuted in season 6. Valkyrie brought out of the Northstar Titan store, which her father had to go to Rampart’s store, and her expertise suggests that this will have a major impact on the Valkyrie kit. . Although we know he doesn’t have a real Titan in the arena, we know he has a jetpack, and its color may mean that it was created from parts of the old Northstar.

The Datamans had known about Valkyrie for some time, formerly simply called “Valk,” her appearance hadn’t changed much since the fighter discovered the Fuse and Valk back-to-back models in season 7. Valkyrie is described as brave, cheeky, fiery and wild and not afraid to pull a gun on someone, even outside of combat. She has an androgynous style and her natural black hair has died to a whitish color with lavender undertones. She will join the Apex games on May 4 with the start of Season 9. Check out her debut in Stories from thelands: Northstar.

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