Who are the cleaners in Back 4 Blood?

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In a world full of parasites that humans become monsters, things may seem a little to your advantage. Back 4 Blood returns the feeling of zombie cooperative survival against Ridden. Left 4 Dead gave us lasting memories of characters we knew very little about, simply named survivors. The survivors’ versions of Back 4 Blood are called cleaners and have more than the survivors. For beginners, each cleaner has a unique advantage and a secondary weapon. We don’t know about the benefits from this writing, but we will update as we have more information. Once the game starts, there will be eight cleaners to choose from, not four like Left 4 Dead. During Alpha, however, we will only know of four. Here are the cleaners in Back 4 Blood.


Picture taken through Turtle Rock Studios

Doc, as you might imagine, is a doctor and focuses mainly on keeping her teammates alive. Its advantages are:

  • Low health healing bonus
  • Additional healing effectiveness
  • All team members receive resistance to trauma


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Evangelo strongly reminds us of Louise from the first Left 4 Dead. While his clothing may support a more stoner or sloth atmosphere than Louis’s business attire, we hear him scream a lot in the Back 4 Blood media we’ve seen so far. His cowardice may be his defining characteristic. Its secondary weapon is the machete and its advantages are:

  • Born Slippy: automatically falls out of hand every five minutes
  • Increased endurance regeneration
  • Increased movement speed for the team


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Hoffman seems to be a southern player in the apocalypse. He is rough and hard and ready to finish his work. Its initial secondary weapon is the M1911 pistol. Hoffman’s benefits include:

  • Always ready, never without – Has a chance to drop ammo while killing Ridden
  • Extra slot for offensive and supportive accessories
  • The team gains additional ammunition capacity


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Holly seems to be a real shame to the cleaners they have put in place so far. He has this punk rock look and carries it well in his fight against Ridden. Its secondary is a bat with nails. How very Dead Rising 2 of you.

Holly’s benefits are:

  • Best life – gains stamina when he gets killed
  • Athlete x2 – another maximum endurance and 10% future endurance
  • Increase damage at close range by 25%.


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Jim is a Shooters shooter. Since this writing, he has only been shown with a sniper rifle and it seems to be his personal go-to weapon. We do not know from this writing what his secondary weapon is. Jim’s benefits are:

  • Faster downward aiming
  • This will cause more damage to the Ridden Weaknesses
  • Precise killing increases the damage it does for a short time


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Karlee is described by Holly as blunt and seems to rely on being as fast as possible. She might be a paranoid figure, but that’s just speculation from the little we’ve seen about her. Its secondary is either an automatic SMG or a pistol. Its advantages are as follows:

  • He feels danger
  • Another slot for quick inventory
  • Teammates use items faster


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Mom is the toughest member of the group. She always has something to say and something to do to support it. Her secondary weapon appears to be a double-barreled short shotgun. Its advantages are:

  • Immediately occasionally revive teammates
  • One additional inventory slot for the support item
  • One extra team life per campaign


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Walker is the closest thing cleaners leaders have. Gives commands and suggestions for group success. Its secondary weapon is the Glock 23. Its advantages include:

  • Military training: each precision killing (killing in headshots or weak spots) slightly increases accuracy
  • Extra maximum health for the team
  • Increased maximum ammunition capacity and another 10% of future ammunition capacity gains

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