Which Breed should you pick in Biomutant?

One of the first decisions you will have to make in Biomutant is about creating your character. You will have to choose the breed you want to play for, which in turn will affect your statistics. The beauty of creating characters in Biomutant is that every decision affects how your character looks and plays, so if you really want a character min / max, you need to be aware of what to do right from the start.

The good news is that if you make some bad decisions, then the increase in statistics is not so large and significant that the character becomes unplayable, because you can still change all the statistics when leveling and using the gear. There are a total of six breeds to choose from, and each of them suits a specific role in the game.


Primals tend to be agile and agile and are best suited for buildings that want to take advantage of luck and critical opportunities. They have poor strength, Ki energy and regeneration energy, which means that they are not the best in assemblies that want to take advantage of Ki’s abilities. Deadeye’s fast and fast construction is good for Primal breeds.


Dumdon are best for melee assemblies that cause melee damage from all breeds. Their low health means you want to lean on fast and fast punches built around weapons with dual controls or one hand.


If you’re not sure how you want to play, Rex is the way to go due to the even distribution of statistics for this build. As the game progresses, then you can build as you want, and you know you have a solid foundation in every way.


Thanks to a really good state of armor and health, Hyla is a sensible tank, although there is no such real class in the game. You never really want to rely on eating damage to fight the boss, but if you’re worried about your ability to dodge and bounce, then Hyla might be for you.


Fip is basically a caster’s build and should target people who want to play with severe skill damage and general magic spam.


If you have more destiny in the clothes you wear than your own body, then Murgel is the way to go. With the best loot and barter statistics, you will move through loot and crafts at a high level.

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