Where to get Thermal Sludge in Warframe


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Thermal Sludge is a resource that is available at the Orb Vallis on Venus. Thermal Sludge is required for the production of MOA parts, K-Drives, Kitguns, various decorations and some weapons and Warframe parts.

The Thermal Sludge is easy to spot on the Orb Vallis as it breeds in unique containers. These while canisters have a transparent part in the middle and in the throat, where you can see the sludge, making them stand out against the snow.

They will be found all over the map, but players should start searching in The Pearl on the west side of the Orb Vallis. It is worth checking all the named places, such as Temple of Profit, Grow Site, Temple Fabrication, Enrichment Labs, Spaceport and Central Maintenance.

All of these places can produce a lot of thermal sludge. Players can also use boosters, which can be purchased for Platinum, to increase how much Thermal Sludge collects each time they find it. Amplifiers are available in the market and it’s worth buying them if players plan to grow a lot of resources.

You can also get Thermal Sludge from Bounties on Orb Vallis, but it takes so long that it’s not worth it. At Archwing, it’s better to rejoice from place to place, keep all the containers you see, and then reset by returning to Fortuna before returning to Orb Vallis.

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