Where to find Tropical Fish in Minecraft

The tropical fish you find in Minecraft can be useful to you. Not only do they release bone meal, but you can collect it in a bucket of water and feed it to animals, especially Axolotl. Tropical fish is a favorite dish of Axolotl, and if you are planning to breed these aquatic animals, you will need several tropical fish in your back pocket.

Tropical fish can be found mainly in the ocean. They can appear in lukewarm and warm variants of the ocean. The lukewarm ocean has a distinct teal color when you sail in it, and is usually quite barren, except for the chance of ocean monuments, ruins and shipwrecks that may appear in it. The warm ocean has a slightly similar color, but has many more colors. Both locations have the same chance of having a group of tropical fish.

These fish usually prefer to stay in groups of eight to 24, so the chances of finding a few when you come across them are excellent. You want to make sure you have a good water bucket or fishing rod ready to roll up your inventory. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. There are more than 2700 combinations that a tropical fish can get into as in your game, so it’s hard to nail what you find.

Once you have a tropical fish, they do nothing but feed it to Axolotl or add it to the fish tank you make, or to any of your creative projects.

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