Where to find The Thief in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Spire Challenges

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Once you find all the artifacts and return to Tara, communicate with her and gain access to the next Spire Challenge. He will tell you about a thief he thinks is near Colossal Crops.

Colossal Crops is just east of Boney Burbs, where Tarana lives, so head out and head there. Like the Burbs, the Crops are likely to be filled with players trying to complete these challenges.

You have to get to Raz, which is located in the main structure of the farm, on the second floor. Like Tarana, you need to communicate with him and select Spire from the optional round.

He will have his own challenge for you, telling you to play the last log. These Spire challenges are certainly a complicated mess to do.

Be very careful when talking to Raz, as other players are likely to be nearby and will almost certainly take a chance to pick you up when you are deeply in conversation with Raz’s light hand.

This guide is under construction.

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