Where to find the new Webster NPC location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite launched new secret NPCs. Webster is discovered wandering the streets of the island, although it is horrified that he is really monitoring him down. Webster has a variety of spawn factors, however he additionally likes to journey, making it troublesome to find.

Its three important areas are at the gas station below Weeping Woods, at the gas station in Lazy Lake and at the gas station in Gas and Gulp south of the Colossal Crops.


Like we mentioned, Webster likes to go for walks, we assume we’ll go away eggs throughout the island. It additionally has a enjoyable gun on the market when you have gold bars. He will promote you an Egg Launcher, which can shoot explosive Easter eggs like your enemies.

If you may have already discovered all the other NPCs in Chapter 2, Season 6, then discovering the secret Webster NPC will even deliver you success.

Don’t neglect that there are a variety of new challenges this week and you may find all of them below:

  • Fly 20 meters with a rooster
  • Hunt chickens
  • Catch fish on Camp Cod, canoeing by the lake or in a secret fortress
  • Cause shotgun harm
  • Get headshots with rifles
  • Use a pistol or revolver to trigger harm inside 20 meters
  • Eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Blackheart
  • Feed the coloured eggs hidden alongside the map

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