Where to find the new Raptors animal in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

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A new animal has been added to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, as the Raptors can now be found on the map. The original theme of the season continues because there is an ancient threat and she is absolutely happy to dream your face.

Players will be curious where to find them, so in this guide we will help you find them and prepare you for their fight.

The best place to find the predators we’ve discovered so far is actually around the hotel and cottage area in Weeping Woods. Raptors can breed in buildings and give a serious vibe to Jurassic Park as you try to explore. You can also find them in the surrounding forests.

Raptors are much tougher than other animals and are very dangerous in a group, so be careful. We suggest that you set off with a shield, weapons, and medical packs before you go looking for them.

Weeping Woods is definitely the best place we’ve found so far, but we’ll update this guide with more points for the new Raptors as we discover them.

Predators seem to have thrown the same type of prey as other animals, mostly pieces of meat and bones for craftsmanship, so we’re not sure if there’s a specific weapon for which you have to hunt them yet.

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