Where to find the Mermaid Ball in Resident Evil Village – Moreau’s Labyrinth Puzzle

Most players should find the Labyrinth Puzzle Moreau long before they find the Mermaid Ball they need to solve. You will find the puzzle at the beginning of the Moreau area, right next to the windmill. To obtain the Mermaid Ball and solve the labyrinth, players will first need to complete Moreau’s area and lead him into battle with the boss.

After the fight, the players will be back at the beginning of the Moreau area, where they entered the first Windmill, and will be back next to a locked gate with a scribbled yellow color. Use the handle to open this gate and then continue along the path behind it.

As they travel along the sidewalk, players notice a small wooden hut across the wooden footbridge to the left. It will contain a Mermaid Ball. Players can then grab it and then explore the rest of the area, where they will find a new handgun, some ammunition and some flashbangs in the well. After that, they can return to the labyrinth, place the Mermaid Ball inside and solve it.

It’s an easy enough route, with only one part causing some problems, but players will be able to see clearly where it is.

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