Where to find the hacking device location in GTA Online

If you are working through Diamond Casino Heist from GTA Online, one of the missions you will have to complete is Heist Prep: Hacking Device. During this task you will steal from the FIB building or you are going to visit the NOOSE Headquarters. Both routes give you a chance to steal hacking equipment from these places and then bring it back to the Arcade. We are going to analyze the location of the hacking device in GTA Online for both of these sites. It is also recommended to bring another player to back you up, but it is not necessary.

FIB Building the location of a hacking device

The FIB building can be a difficult encounter, but the robbery steps make it a little easier to find the hacking device. First, it will be higher on the upper floors of the building, which means you have to sneak in.

The first thing you need to do is remove the agents where the task will send you. After you remove them, look at the security card in their bodies and then you will be able to enter the FIB building without any problems. letters, even if you know how it all goes down.

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Once you’re inside, you’ll be prompted to take the elevator to higher levels, and your Sightseer app on your phone will start making noise. The louder and faster the noise made by the application, the closer you are to the hacking device. The location of the hacking device varies and can be shown to players in different places, but you can find it somewhere on the upper floors, near the FIB agent, in the form of a briefcase that partially shines. Make sure you have the sound turned on to have the best chance of finding it.

After you get the hacking device, you will have to leave the FIB building, but the alarm will sound as soon as you leave the front lobby, so expect a quick escape.

Location of the NOOSE Headquarters hacking facility

The second place where a hacking device could be is NOOSE Headquarters. These two tasks are quite similar, except where you have to attack. Like the FIB, you will have to go first and eliminate the agents you find there. After removing them, look for a security access card in them. Then you must head to NOOSE Headquarters and enter the facility. You can find it outside the city, to the east.

As in the FIB building, the hacking device is located somewhere inside. Again, the placement varies from player to player. You will need to rely on your Sightseer app, and the closer you are to a hacking device, the app will emit a louder and faster beep. When you find a hacking device, it will be in the form of a briefcase and will be partially glowing. When you pick it up, go back out of the device.

Once you’re out, the alarms will sound and you’ll have to rush back to the arcade to turn it off.

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