Where to find the Echowinder in Warframe


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Echowinder is a species of fish in the Warframe that can only be found on the Orb Vallis. This common Servofish is located in the lakes and is active during warm weather. It is a long fish with a square unit at the front and a circular unit at the end, which gives it a very distinctive shape.

The echowinder can be caught using Shockprod or Stunna spears and will respond to the Broad-Spectrum Bait. The Stunna spear can be obtained from The Business at Fortuna for 5000 Standing, while Shockprod can be purchased for 500. The broad-spectrum bait can be purchased for 50 Standing.

Although it is a fairly common Servofish, the fact that it can only be caught during a warm weather cycle makes this fish quite embarrassing. Players can check the part of the meteorological cycle in which they are located by opening the map screen and looking in the lower right corner.

When cutting on bait, the Echowinders drop the scrap and echowinder the anoscopic sensor in the following volumes:

  • Basic – scrap 2 / Echowinder Anoscopic sensor 1
  • Decorated – scrap 3 / Echowinder Anoscopic sensor 1
  • Magnificent – scrap 4 / Echowinder Anoscopic sensor 1

The fish can be cut for bait in Business, which takes care of everything related to Fortuna and Orb Vallis.

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