Where to find the CIA Outpost in Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Activision

There are several new highlights in Call of Duty: Warzone as we arrive in the middle of season 3 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Season 3 has a distinctive 80’s theme, and what better way to celebrate this time period than to bring in two of the time’s most famous action heroes: John McClane and Rambo from Die Hard and Rambo. Interesting places that appear in Warzone are from these films, and there is a CIA base tasked with locating Rambo. This is where you hand over the dog tags you will find from 10 survival camps scattered throughout Verdansk.

The location of the CIA base is inside the hangers of the airport. You will find these curtains on the northwestern part of the map. The exact location is east of Verdansk Airport itself, in the airport maintenance area, north of the aircraft factory.

Inside these hangers will be the CIA Outpost and for the rewards you will be able to hand over the dog tags you will find in the survival camps. Because survival camps are scattered throughout Verdansk, it is better to learn their location than to commit to catching them all in one match and bringing them to this place, or you can do so during the Lup match to save time becoming frustrated by jumping from match to match if you die. You can expect players to camp this place and wait for others to show up and pass on their prizes.

For those looking for Nakatomi Plaza in Warzone, we have listed its location in the center of Verdansk.

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