Where to find the Bullseye bow in Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6 you will find only a handful of bows, but these weapons are extremely useful. They barely make any sound and usually remove enemies with a single shot if you aim at their head. Although they do not have a sniper rifle, their accuracy is paramount to ensuring the success of many secret missions in the game. This guide will be divided into where you will find the unique Bullseye bow in Far Cry 6.

You can find the bullseye bow by looking for it in Lápida Mogote in the Sierra Perdida. These areas can be found on the west side of El Este. Bullseye is hiding in the FND cache in the jungle.

Screenshot by Gamepuru

You can find it inside the cage in the FND protected area. Despite the fact that this is a place where you will be attacked for unauthorized intrusion, you will find only one guard who will protect the site. You can take them out, destroy the cage door that protects the bow, and then grab it.

Bullseye Bow is a two star bow. It comes with precision arrows and a crosshair sight, along with height adjustments and a supremo headshot.

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