Where to find Snakebee Larva, Silver Cricket, and Goldenfry in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Rarities of Hakolo Island

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As part of the Rarities of Hakolo Island quest in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, players will need to track down some very specific items called Snakebee Larva, Silver Cricket and Goldenfry. These Mahana Rarity items will need a combined value of 10 points. This can be a little confusing in the game, so let’s talk about exactly what it means.

Each item has a point value and you will need to find and submit a total of 10 points worth of items. It doesn’t matter what combination of items you submit if they reach 10 points. The point values ​​for the items are as follows:

  • Snakebee Larva – 1 point
  • Silver Cricket – 2 points
  • Goldenfry – 5 points

Finding items can be quite difficult, because in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, most items share resources with other items, so it can take some time for them to accidentally drop out of those resources.

  • Snakebee Larva – Beehives / honeycombs
  • Silver Cricket – Blue butterflies anywhere in Hakolo
  • Goldenfry – fishing sites

Beehives / honeycombs

You will find them throughout the area, to the left and right of the village entrance. Just explore the underworld and you will come across a lot of them. Beehives can discard the following items:

  • Valentine
  • Hakolo, honey
  • Snakebee Larva
  • Mixed honey

Blue butterflies

As you ride through the underworld, you will occasionally notice flying beetles and butterflies in the air. Riding towards a blue butterfly and interacting with it can bring you silver cricket. Blue butterflies can discard the following items:

  • Silver cricket
  • Carpenter Bug

Fishing places

Fishing Spots are vibrant places in the ocean that you can interact with. Some can be reached at any Monstia, but others may require Monsties who can swim to access them.

  • Sleepyfish
  • Pelagic ore
  • Goldenfry

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