Where to find lush caves in Minecraft

Lush caves are an underground environment that you will find in Minecraft. They are full of bigdrip leaves, flowering azalea blocks, cave vineyards, spore flowers, rooted dirt and much more. However, you must find a fresh cave to find these objects, and finding them can be extremely difficult. It requires a lot of digging. A good way to find out you’re on the right track is to look for the Azalea tree.

Azalea Tree is a large red flag that stands in a lush cave. These trees usually grow in lush caves in the plain biome, so the first thing you want to do is search the plains in your coin world. Once you arrive, the next step is to find the Azalea tree, which looks like a normal tree with pink flowers in the leaves.

When you lock the Azalea tree, all you have to do now is dig and you should find a lush cave directly below it. The roots of the Azalea tree are buried in the cave, filling it with life and you can find a number of useful things that you would not find anywhere else.

Be sure to mark where you found the lush cave, as it is difficult and rare to find. You will be able to return to this place and harvest azaleas for their leaves, rooted dirt or hanging roots.

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