Where to find Finest Fish in Resident Evil Village – Golden Fish Location

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During the Resident Evil Village campaign, players will be able to prepare some meals and eat them for various benefits if they can track down all the ingredients they need. Some ingredients are rarer than others and are difficult to obtain.

Finest Fish is one of the hardest ingredients and will require players to go through quite a bit in the campaign. The finest fish can actually be found near Lone Road, where players end up escaping from the vampire clutches of Dimitrescu Castle.

While players have access to this general area relatively early in the game, they will not have the tools they need to get to Finest Fish until they deal with Mordeau. Mordeau is the later boss of the game and can be found in the Drowned Houses area. When dealing with it, players will have to overcome the tank and get to the handle. This crank will be needed to lower the drawbridge on the right side of Lone Road, allowing players to access the pier and the boat.

Then they can take the boat south to another pier, jump up and head around the rock on the left, where they will find a small pool. In the pool, they discover a gold fish that they can shoot, and thus get the best fish.

They can use Finest Fish to make some Sarmale de Peste, which will increase their speed of movement. This is incredibly useful in a game where things tend to haunt you a lot.

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