Where to find Duskshrooms in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Many quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will have players looking for specific resources. Some can be obtained from monsters, while others can be collected from different areas of the game.

One of the first quests in the game is to ask players to find five Duskshrooms. To find them, players must leave the village and select “Evening” as the time. Duskshroom will only grow at night and will not be available during the day.

Then it’s a simple thing to guard the area throughout the village, both to the left and right of the entrance, and you should have no problem finding Duskshroom. If you jump on the rocks towards the first Dungeon, there will be some guaranteed Duskshrooms near the entrance.

Once you have all five, it’s time to go back to the village and submit the quest to the Quest Board. You will notice that the task does not disappear and instead you can repeat it as a means of managing Zenny, the currency of the game.

While not a huge amount, repeating similar tasks that can be easily done while exploring the island is a great way to make some extra money at the beginning of the game. It’s especially helpful to keep in mind when watching other items such as Unique Mushroom, Mixed Honey and King Truffle.

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