Where to find Copper ore in Minecraft

There are several resources you can use in Minecraft to produce various items and to improve your base and equipment. For those looking to make binoculars, lightning conductors or copper blocks, you will need to find copper and extract it.

You will know that you have discovered copper when you find blocks that have distinct orange and green ore inside. Copper ore multiplies throughout Minecraft, but has the greatest chance of reproduction in layers 47 and 48. It is a fairly common source, so you will not have to look high and low to find some.

When you find it, you can use any pickaxe for mining. If you want to increase your chances of extracting more raw copper from the deposit, you must enchant your pickaxe with Fortune I, II or III, with III being the best. When you get enough copper, you will be able to melt it and create copper ingots. If you want to create a copper block, you will need nine copper ingots. It’s a basic resource if you want to use lightning rods, an item capable of redirecting lightning and stopping a well-placed lightning strike in igniting any of your structures.

Copper ore originally released in the caves and cliffs of Minecraft updates Part 1.

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