Where to find Axolotls in Minecraft Cliffs & Caves

Picture taken over Mojang

The Minecraft Cliffs & Caves update is on track, but not in the same condition as it was announced. Due to the scope of the project, the developer Mojang divided the main update into two separate parts. The first will add mobs to the game, while the second will add new blocks and techniques of world generation. IN video passing crowds by adding to Minecraft with the update of the first part, the Mojang developers described in detail the new, cute amphibians in the game: Axolotls.

Once the full Cliffs & Caves updates for Minecraft have been released, players will be able to find Axolotls in lush caves, in various locations during the first half of the update. Without lush caves, players will be able to reliably find Axolotls in underground water lakes.

Players can guide Axolotls using baits or pick them up using a bucket. However, they can only live in water, so prepare a habitat if you catch someone. Axolotls can be bred with buckets of tropical fish. Amphibians are also useful in underwater combat, in the fight against any underwater crowd that is not a turtle or a dolphin. When Axolotl receives too much damage, it will stop moving and will play dead in an effort to regenerate the heart.

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