Where to farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Dandelion seeds are an important source in Genshin Impact. They are needed for a surprising number of tasks that are directly related to Mondstadt and Anemo Archon, and are also used as a material for ascension and craft material.

Dandelion seeds are needed to increase the levels of Eula and Jean, as well as in the production of Gushing essential oil, Windbarrier potion and Anemoculus resonant stones.

Generally speaking, Dandelion Seeds can be found in the wild throughout Mondstadt, but thanks to their bright glow they are easy to spot. Farmers will need to hit an Anemo-capable plant, such as Venti’s charged arrow or Sucrose’s Elemental Skill, to manage them. Only then will they be able to harvest the plant.

Where to find Dandelion Seeds

The best place to find dandelion seeds is right in front of the gates of Mondstadt. You can usually find 8 to 10 plants here, which gives players a pretty solid supply of easily available dandelion seeds.

Then the sloping area between Stone Gate and Dawn Winery is the best place to go, as there can be 4 to 5 dandelion plants on the plains. It will take plants three days to recover from farming, so remember that.

This is usually another plant that players will want to ensure that they behave every time they find one in the wild. It’s just a lot easier when you’re suddenly lucky with a character who needs them and you find you need them a lot at once.

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