Where to catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley

You will catch several fish in the Stardew Valley and it can be a little difficult to find out what time of year and where they appear. Tiger trout can appear in two seasons, making them slightly more affordable than some rarer fish.

You can catch tiger trout during the autumn and winter months. They show only roughly, to the southern part of the city. You don’t want to go to the streams in the eastern parts, from the mountain or those that lead to the ocean. Instead, it is a good place directly south of Pelican Town or to the water areas south of your farm.

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You may need to capture the Tiger trout for Willy because he has requirements to be captured by one to four of them on board for help. Alternatively, you can add them to the pond, where you will produce eggs. You can get one egg when you have one to four tiger trout in the pond, or you can increase your chances of getting two eggs when you have five to nine tiger trout. They are also used in several recipes such as sashimi, maki rolls and quality fertilizer.

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