Where is NPC number 2 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Fortnite ‘s new season means a lot of new NPCs to watch. Although many can be found all over the map, the number 2 seems to be missing. No one has been able to track them down yet, so this seems to be another Sparkplug situation.

Last season, Sparkplug disappeared for about half of the season and eventually appeared in connection with the newly introduced vehicle modification mechanic. We’re not saying that the missing NPC # 2 will also join a new mechanic in the middle of the season, but they definitely seem to be faulty right now.

The NPC should appear at Coral Castle, near the waterfall between the area and the Sharky Shell, but will never appear. It is likely that they should not be there yet, but it may also be a simple bug that Epic Game will fix in the update.

So far, there is no way to find NPC # 2, nor a way to complete your collection, so if you’ve been frustrated and trying to figure out what’s going wrong, then you know the truth.

We will monitor this situation and update this article on NPC placement as soon as it arrives.

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