When will PUBG Mobile Season 19 end?

PUBG Mobile Season 19

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 kicked off with a brand new Traverse theme and added a lot of new rewards, including exclusive new season outfits, weapons, weapon skins and more. Players can purchase an Elite Pass for 600 UC and Elite Upgrade Plus for 1800 UC and earn premium rewards by completing various missions.

In addition, the ranks of all players have also been reset and they will have to start fighting in rated matches in order for their rank to reach the conqueror and unlock different reward levels before the end of the season. Here is the exact end date of PUBG Mobile Season 19:

PUBG mobile season end date 19

According to the date given in the Royale Pass section, PUBG Mobile Season 19 will end July 12 (UTC) before the release of season 20 the following day. Unlike regular patch updates, Season 20 will not be released on Google Play or the App Store; instead, it automatically downloads on the game loading screen.

PUBG mobile season end date 19
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From now on, there are no leaks regarding the content that will come next season; however, after the release of the beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.5, we will receive a list of Royale Passes and season-level rewards 20

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