When does the Path of Exile 2 beta start?

Road of Exile 2

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Path of Exile players have been longing for the real sequel to their favorite dungeon looter for a while, and fortunately the developer of Grinding Gear Games keeps the communication channels quite open. Recently a summary of the information disclosed, the studio announced a number of important details about Path of Exile 2, including their preliminary plans for a beta release.

The sequel is quite a serious feat, and Grinding Gear has consistently shown that they would rather spend time polishing their product to a certain degree of quality than print it out unfinished and solve it later. As a result, the closest players can expect the Path of Exile 2 beta test period to be 2022. Until then, Path of Exile support will remain stable, with a new drop in content every three months.

Path of Exile 2 details

So far, we know that Path of Exile 2 will have a seven-part campaign that will be a narrative continuation of the original story, which takes place 20 years after its events. The game will retain everything that Path of Exile players expect and will improve in some key areas, such as the skill gem system.

Path of Exile 2 will run with the same client trigger as the first game, and all microtransaction purchases made by players will be carried over to the sequel. Basically, the two games will stand side by side as a continuous experience.

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