When does Knockout City Season 2 start?

2nd Series Knockout City Fight in the movies

Image via EA

Knockout City is set to be one of the hottest live games, and multiplayer PvP is set for the next round of seasonal updates. EA Play 2021 introduced the theme of the second season of the title about being discharged in a trailer full of movie tropics. Season 2, entitled “Fight at the Movies”, will feature a number of elements based on film genres and plenty of cosmetics.

Knockout City Season 2: Fight at the Movies begins on July 27, and players on all platforms will have access to the new content. The EA Play trailer featured a map that was constantly changing between movie genres, from romantic comedies to historical epics, horror movies, and even moody movies suitable for children. The trailer also features a giant monster similar to Godzilla or a moss terrorizing environment. As the map landscape shifts, players will have to adapt relatively quickly.

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There will also be a new special dodgeball, with the trailer featuring the Bob Cola Soda Ball. This sparkling dodgeball seems to explode and throw an impressive area. In addition, expect new equipment, new playlists and game modes, and new rewards with seasonal updates. And as in season 1 and pre-season, expect time-limited events to occur during the season.

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