When are Blastoise and Gardevoir coming to Pokémon Unite?

Image via Pokémon Unite YouTube

There are many Pokémon that you can choose to use in Pokémon Unite. Each has a different fighting style and can bring a different aspect to a well-divorced team. With only a handful available in Pokémon Unite, there are many more on the way. During the launch trailers, fans could choose to use Blastoise and Gardevoir during the match, but the two did not appear at the start. When do Blastoise and Gardevoir come to Pokémon Unite?

At the time of writing, it does not appear that Blastoise or Gardevoir have a set release date. These Pokémon appeared briefly during the trailers that led to the release of Pokémon Unite on the Nintendo Switch. Apart from their appearance, however, no official details have yet been received about the two. The release date of the mobile phone for Pokémon Unite is due sometime in September, which means that they could appear at any time since then, or they could be released shortly after the mobile phone is launched.

Our best guess is that we can expect to hear more details from Blastoise and Gardevoir developers closer to the mobile release date. The current Pokémon Unite list includes 20 options, and the team is likely preparing to join as Pokémon Unite continues to expand and grow.

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