What platforms is The Division Heartland on?

Heartland Division

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The announcement of The Division Heartland, the stand-alone competitive shooter in The Division, was one of Ubisoft’s biggest revelations this year. Unfortunately, the studio is not expected to discuss the game at their Ubisoft Forward presentation on June 12. The little we know about the game so far came with the kind permission of the only leak that has since been deleted from the Internet.

One of the big questions for Division franchise fans is which platforms The Division Heartland will be available on. It looks good on this front, because the game is aimed at basically all the platforms on which competing shooters usually start. Ubisoft said so Heartland will be available on PCs, consoles and the cloud. This includes the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. The cloud section refers to Google Stages.

What is the Heartland Division?

The Division Heartland will be very different from both current Division games. Ubisoft describes it internally as an action shooter for open world survival, a game in which players “clean up, explore, plunder, fight and survive, all while eliminating the most aggressive and unpredictable viral contamination the division has ever seen.” they refer to Heartland as something similar to Hunt: Showdown, while to players of longtime divisions it may seem like the Survival mode found in the first game.

We do not yet have an official statement from Ubisoft as of the release date of The Division Heartland. However, impatient players are welcome register and you will have the opportunity to test the game while still evolving.

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