What is Valorant Mobile release date

Valorant Mobile Release Date

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Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world in 5v5, which is quite obvious from its huge sports scene and player base. The game commemorated its first anniversary, and on this occasion Riot revealed that the game has an average of approximately 14 million players each month. Given this huge worldwide success, Riot has announced that it will expand Valorant to a mobile device, and the game will be known as “Valorant Mobile”.

Valorant Mobile Release Date

Apart from the announcement of Valorant coming to the mobile device, Riot did not disclose any information regarding the release date of Valorant Mobile, as the game is still under development. As a result, there are currently no gaming images or videos available; however, we can expect more information from Riot in the coming days.

However, it may take several months for the game to be gently launched before its global release, which can take approximately a year or more after the official announcement. Riot has always focused on providing players with a good gaming experience; Therefore, Riot will not release Valorant Mobile until it has fully optimized, and players can expect it to be available as a beta locked for a region and then slowly expand to other regions.

When announcing Valorant Mobile, Riot said:

“During the first year of the game, Valorant players competed in more than half a billion team shooter games.” Enthusiastic that Valorant continues to grow, Riot is now preparing to expand its franchise – starting with Valorant Mobile – to bring Valorant to other players around the world. “

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