What is the Sapphire Skyblazer in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

Image via Blizzard YouTube

Mount players are in the game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in the Sapphire Skyblazer. There are several ways to get this unique connection. You can get it first if you have a 6-month World of Warcraft subscription, which is a good way for anyone who has been playing MMOs for a while to get it. Alternatively, if you return to the game, you can purchase a 6-month subscription before the end of July 2021 and receive it in the same way. The last way to catch the Sapphire Skyblazer is to buy it directly from the Blizzard store. You will have to use real world money to grab this holder, but players are curious about the appearance of the holder and what is it?

From what we can see from our initial view of the Sapphire Skyblazer, it appears to be a dark blue phoenix-like bird mixed with some form of magic. On the outer parts of the wing is a dark ocean blue covering the feathers. As it waves towards the tips, the color transforms into a sharp sky blue and these colors revolve around the creature’s belly, which is much more pronounced under the brilliant armor that is wrapped around it and that you can see while flying.

Sapphire Skyblazer is supposed to be a cousin of the phoenixes, but they burn much brighter than they do. The blue flame is significantly hotter than the standard red and orange flames, making it a more dangerous creature to ride.

Unfortunately, if you hope to potentially catch Sapphire Skyblazer for completing a dangerous raid or try a chance to drop in Shadowlands, there are none. Available only in the Blizzard store. We believe the mount is perfect for avid World of Warcraft fans who want to add another dazzling mount to their collection with several ways to get it, but the price tag could crowd out more casual gamers.

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