What is the release time for Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star?


Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star brings a brand new Operator and a completely redesigned Favela into play within minutes. This season will follow the same formula as the last few, with the content first running on the test server before running in the main game.

You can start playing Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star when it launches on June 14th. After past seasonal patterns, players should expect the game servers to be up and running at 8:00 PT for several hours due to the implementation of new content. After this period of maintenance, players will be able to purchase a Y6S2 battle passport and gain instant access to the new Thunderbird operator.

However, if you want to play the new content earlier, it will be available on the Rainbow Six Siege test server from May 25. You won’t make any meaningful progress on your own account, but you can try out the great Thunderbird gadget, as well as the new Favela layout. You can download the test server via Ubisoft Connect. It’s free for all Rainbow Six Siege owners.

The test server will also include some new features that will prevent the transition to the main game with Operation North Star. These include the ability to use drones after death and even control armored cameras with EMP lasers.

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