What is the release time for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Teammate Experience Update 4.0.0?

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The first major update to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was announced earlier this year. Ubisoft confirms that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Teammate Experience Update 4.0.0 has been launched for all platforms May 25 at 1:00 am PT. This is the first of two planned game updates and focuses on the experience that players have with AI teammates.

The three basic pillars of this update are progress and skills with teammates, the size of your team, weapons and equipment, and customization options. These are aspects that are important to fans and that Ubisoft has identified and addressed in the update.

Progress and skills

Once the update starts, you will have access to a new progressive system for your AI teammates. Each teammate will need to meet a number of goals that require you to perform certain tasks using them or as a group. When done, your teammates will be unlocked with new skills and each has their own unique set. From a piercing shot that destroys drones with a single hit, to an autonomous combat drone and even a detection scan that reveals all enemies in the area. These skills are designed to enhance the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint experience when using your teammates.

Team size, weapons and equipment

This update adds additional options to help you fine-tune your team more effectively. First, you can now choose the number of teammates in your team, between one and three. In some cases, three teammates feel exaggerated, and many missions are only suitable for one. You can also choose whether a teammate’s secondary weapon is visible for visual continuity throughout the team.

With adaptation also come more specific changes. For example, teammates gained from a crossover event with Rainbow Six Siege will be fully customizable. Until this update, these team members had one very different look.

Customization options

The last aspect of this update is to increase customization options for your teammates and your own character. You can equip four ghillie hoods for maximum secrecy and even throw a gas mask at each to prepare for some dirty war. You can also let your team wear four iconic Ghost Recon costumes with full customization options for each.

The update also adds several new weapons and skins that you can pick up and use on Auroa. They are likely to come in the form of rewards for new side missions and daily content.

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