What is the release date of Two Point Campus?

Picture via Two Point Studios

Two Point Campus was officially unveiled after the leak about a month ago. If you’ve played Two Point Hospital, you should know what it’s all about in terms of the game. After the success of the first game in the last few years, people are likely to want to maintain this new game. Here is a situation where you can expect to get into the hands of Two Point Campus.

At the time of writing, Two Point Campus has no release date, but is due to be released sometime in 2022. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

At Two Point Campus, players will build and manage a college university. As in the first case, you will come across cartoon characters that will affect your business in different ways. However, you will now teach students from different backgrounds where you would previously treat people with insane diseases. From teaching magicians to clowns, you will see a lot of colorful characters in your auditoriums. Two Point Campus is another management simulator that distorts the rules you would expect in such a game.

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