What is the release date of Metal Slug Tactics?

Metal Slug Tactics

Image of Leikir Studio

The Metal Slug series is gaining an unexpected turnaround with the latest version of Metal Slug Tactics. This new Leikir Studio game, announced at Summer Game Fest 2021, is a turn-based tactical RPG with rogue-lite elements. Characters from the original Metal Slug games are returned, as well as a cartoon military environment. However, the gameplay is completely different.

Instead of players running and shooting through different war zones and blowing things up, Metal Slug Tactics players will move their characters through grid-based arenas and blow things up using placement and tactics. The game boasts high replayability thanks to procedurally generated missions and a rogue-lite upgrade system.

No Metal Slug Tactics release date has been announced yet. We know that the game will be exclusive to the PC, available through Steam where players can wish for it.

The Metal Slug game series is incredibly long and diverse in the game and quality of its titles. This franchise has killed a bit in recent years, with the classic 2D run and gun game developed by SNK being abandoned in favor of various idle mobile games. It’s nice to find out that this latest item is not only a brand new concept of the Metal Slug series, but also a carefully crafted game aimed at introducing new players to the beloved old franchise.

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