What is the release date of King’s Bounty 2?


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King’s Bounty 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the legendary fantasy RPG. Every aspect of the game has been designed to offer a more engaging fan experience and a deeper tactical RPG for newbies to bury their teeth at. This game has been in development for some time and now we finally have the release date.

King’s Bounty 2 will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on August 24, 2021. The game will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S thanks to backward compatibility, allowing anyone to experience the continuing legacy of the game’s original landmark title. which relies on it at every step as source material.

King’s Bounty 2 is a highly fantasy epic space-based adventure that serves as the grandfather of most modern fantasy games such as Heroes of Might & Magic. This game looks much darker than its predecessors, but the developer of 1C Entertainment did not create a dark or gloomy game. This game features tough tactical RPG battles in 3D spaces that use several elements to make battles more interesting.

King’s Bounty 2 pre-orders are already open across digital commentaries. Soon, retailers will also adopt them for various editions available, including a collector’s edition with a 36-page hardcover art book.

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