What is the release date of Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West

Image via PlayStation Studios

Horizon Zero Dawn by PlayStation developer Guerrilla Games was the acclaimed original title for PlayStation 4, and the follow-up Horizon Forbidden West will take players to a whole new environment. The story takes place on the border of the Forbidden West and the players regain control of Aloy, who is trying to stop the mysterious plague. The Sony PlayStation Studios team announced a sequel in June 2020, but when will PlayStation owners actually get their hands on a new game?

Guerrilla Games showed some extensive footage from the game in State of Play in May 2021, but even after 14 minutes of footage showing the combat systems and improved title graphics, there was no final release date at the end of this presentation. At the time of writing, Horizon Forbidden West is officially released by 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and even the less powerful PlayStation 4.

Sony still seems to believe in the 2021 release window when it sees how there was almost no delay in the middle of the year. As summer approaches, it would be safer to expect a targeted release date sometime in the 2021 holiday season. For now, PlayStation fans can watch Horizon Forbidden West colorful visuals on YouTube.

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