What is the release date for Tribes of Midgard?

Image over Norsfell

The Frost Giants take Ragnarök with them, and in the Tribes of Midgard you will have to prepare your clan for an onslaught of mythical creatures beating your walls. You will have to reap useful resources, make powerful items, and prepare for the harsh winters, because the Frost Giants bring with them deadly cold.

The release date of Tribes of Midgard is scheduled for July 27. Comes to Steam and PlayStation consoles. It doesn’t look like it will be available for the Xbox.

You and your clan of 10 Vikings will work together to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil in the middle of your camp. Every night, the creatures of Hel climb out of the depths and attack your village with the intention of destroying it, and gradually more complex monsters appear every night. 10 Vikings can be yours, or you can create a tribe of up to 10 players working together to defend the village.

To survive, you’ll need to explore outside your village to find useful resources to create new weapons, armor, defenses, and discover potion recipes that will heal your Viking. When you learn how to create certain buildings, you gain access to places that were previously closed to you, which will give you additional resources to search for and other dungeons that you will prey on.

Tribes of Midgard requires a good dose of teamwork. Without a few friends watching you return, you’ll have to fight the Frost Giant invasion, which will threaten the Seed of Yggdrasil.

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