What is the release date for the Strange Things battle pass in Smite?

Image via YouTube Summer Game Fest

The Stranger Things-themed battle arcade is on its way to Smite, where players will be able to earn skins to become Eleven, Demogorgon, Mind Flayer and save the day as a Hopper. These are skins that players receive who purchase a premium battle pass track, which is to cost 600 gems. The battle recording was unveiled during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

The exact release date of the battle pass is set for July 13. This will happen after the release of Morgan Le Fay on June 15.

Eleven leather will be for Scylla and will give the aggressive mage a new look that reflects her traditional look. There will be a regular version and a prestigious version for Eleven; the prestigious version is Starcourt Eleven. For Demogorgon you will be able to wear it like Bakasura and for God it is extremely suitable skin. The third skin for Mind Flayer goes to Sylvan. While the man up in the tree, Sylvanus, is missing the Mind Flayer skin, it seems like a solid exchange. Hopper’s last skin, which appeared in the battle pass, also contains two versions of skins, Hopper as sheriff and Hopper PI on the prestigious track. This skin will be available for Apollo.

The Stranger Things battle pass will start on July 13, and we expect it to be available sometime around 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET, depending on how long the morning maintenance takes to resolve itself.

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