What is the release date for the male Viera race in Final Fantasy XIV?

Screencap over Square Enix.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 received several announcements during the keynote address. Several new details were shared about the upcoming expansion for Endwalker, such as the release date of November 23, 2021, the new Arion Mount, available at Digital Collector’s, and details of upcoming locations. At the end of the presentation, the Square Enix team had an exciting announcement, and that was to introduce the Viera men’s race, a rabbit race with pointed ears on their heads.

The Viera men’s race will arrive at Final Fantasy XIV on the same day as the Endwalker expansion. The female race Viera has been in Final Fantasy XIV since Heavensword’s expansion began in 2014, so there was a seven-year difference between the two versions. Fans have been asking for a male version of this race for years and will now see it released when Endwalker arrives.

It is not the only new race that has been announced. There will be a female Hrothgar, a cat breed that had a male version introduced at the launch of the Shadowbringers. Viera’s husband and Hrothgar’s wife do not relax at the same time. Male Viera arrives first to launch Final Fantasy XIV 6.0, and female Hrothgar arrives in the future on an unknown date.

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