What is the release date for No More Heroes III?

Picture via Nintendo

Since the announcement on E3 2019, No More Heroes III from Grasshopper Manufacture has been moving around the release schedule. Three-quel comes more than a decade after the second game released on the Wii and follows a spin-off from 2019 called Travis Strikes Again. No More Heroes III was originally aimed at the 2020 release period, but as with most industrial projects, the game was delayed until 2021 due to logistical complications associated with COVID.

It was not until February 2021 that Nintendo Direct came to light a specific release date. No More Heroes is due to debut exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021. Grasshopper Manufacture confirmed the news in a clear video from May 2021, recapitulating the series ‘tradition and revealing the return of some key characters from the games’ past. The video itself was lovingly chaotic, with fake timelines on YouTube and thumbnails that played Sylvia Christel’s new role as an online influencer.

Sylvia summarizes the events of the first two games of No More Heroes, as well as the spin-off Travis Strikes Again – the character emphasizes that players do not have to play the previous ones to enjoy No More Heroes III, but it would definitely help. The video also reveals the returning characters of Shinobu Jacobs and Bad Girl; both were previous opponents of the protagonist Travis Touchdown, with the former becoming Travis’ ally and the latter dying in battle. As Bad Girl returned, Sylvia joked in the video without giving a direct answer.

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