What is the release date for Ashes of Creation?

Image via Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG from Intrepid Studios. This game aims to place great emphasis on the selection of players who influence the world around them. For example, Intrepid promotes the idea that new tasks will be available as populations congregate in different areas. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the game will come out, but given what the team is trying to do with their dynamic world, it makes a lot of sense.

The idea that the world will change dynamically with the movement of NPCs is quite binding. And giving players the ability to shift the tide of the world through action is definitely an interesting idea for MMORPGs. This means that implementing these concepts will require a lot of work from the development team.

That’s why Intrepid Studios uses a robust period of alpha and beta testing to prepare the game. Even though we don’t know the date yet, we know something about the current alpha version. The first alpha version began on May 14 and will last until July 9. This period falls under the confidentiality law, so don’t expect too much information about it. However, starting July 9, players who are selected can jump into the preview weekend, which does not come with the NDA.

From there, Intrepid will host the next alpha phase for players with the Alpha One key from July 14 to August 13. The team did not announce when they would move to Alpha Two Phase, let alone beta and launch dates; however, it seems safe to assume that we will begin to hear more about this as the end of the first alpha phase approaches.

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