What is the Out of the Blue keycode password in Fallout 76?

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For those going through the Steel Reign campaign in Fallout 76 to complete the story of Brotherhood of Steel, you will eventually get to the Out of the Blue quest. In order to enter the lab in this task, you will have to complete a difficult puzzle that you will have to complete. Finding this code can be a bit tricky, but we’ll take it apart for you so you can get around this door and keep searching.

There will be a large locking mechanism that must be entered in this task. Behind the lock is a blackboard with the alphabet and below this alphabet are numbers. These numbers and letters are your advice for entering the code, but it is not entirely useful to provide you with all the information. Because the phrase “Open Sesame Seed” needs to be explained.

Each word of the special phrase fits into one of the three locks connected to the device. In the first field you want to enter “Open”, which will be 12, 11, 22 and 13. In the second field you want to enter “Sesame”, numbers 8, 22, 8, 26, 14, and 22. The last lock requires you to enter “Seed “, Which will be published on 8, 22, 22 and 23.

Once you have entered all the codes for each lock, you can click on the red button next to the locks and you will be able to continue through the locked door.

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