What is the exact release time of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood?

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The new chapter in Elder Scrolls Online is almost here, and eager players are waiting for the opportunity to jump into the new content as soon as it arrives. The messages are mixed depending on what you play on the PC or consoles.

The release date had to be extended by one week for the console versions, so Sony and Microsoft fans will have to wait a while to get into the game.

  • Release date for PC / Mac / Stadium – June 1
  • Console release date – June 8

As for the exact time of the PC release, players should be able to immerse themselves in the new tasks and content at 12:00 EST. It will be part of the year-round Gate of Oblivion saga, which will appear in the game during 2021. Blackwood will present the following content:

  • New Zone: Blackwood
  • A devilish main story that is linked to the adventures of Gates of Oblivion
  • New system of partners
  • New Trial for 12 players: Rockgrove
  • New world events: Oblivion Portals
  • New games, public dungeons, world bosses and individual tasks
  • Updates and improvements to the quality of life

Players can subscribe to DLC Steamto receive the following pre-order bonuses:

  • Dremora Kynreeve Outfit
  • Deadlands Wamasu Pet
  • 1 × Iron Atronach crate, including exclusive randomized prey
  • 3 × Blackwood Treasure Maps
  • 2 × Experience Scrolls, awarding Double XP

Players who wish to buy into a collector’s sedition will receive the following items:

  • Battlefield Nightmare Senche Mount
  • Lamb feathers viper pet
  • Vibrant Grimoire Memento
  • Deadlands Gladiator Outfit Style
  • Offer weapon emotions
  • All bonus content before purchase contained in the collection

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