What is in the Ruination Bundle in Valorant? – release date, price, contents

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According to recent leaks, a skin pack inspired by League of Legends will soon be added to Valorant. Ruination includes skins for Guardian, Phantom, Specter, Ghost and Melee, all revolving around a shattered royal tradition in the League of Legends universe.

The Ruination package will be available immediately after the 3.01 update, ie on July 8. There are skin packages available in the package:

  • King Ghost
  • King Guardian
  • King Specter
  • King Phantom
  • King up close

The Ruination pack also includes a friend and a player card. These skins will be available in blue, green, purple and yellow. In particular, the melee weapon is very similar to the weapon Viego controls in the League of Legends universe. Like most skin packages in Valorant, Ruination will include an exclusive animation of the final kill.

Riot Games has not yet determined the exact price of the package, but it is expected to be around 7100 Valorant Points. Players will also be able to purchase skins individually for 1775 Valorant Skin Points.

In addition to adding a skin package in Valorant, Riot Games will also present the “Sentinel of Light” event in League of Legends. This event will once again revolve around a ruined kingdom, where the Warriors of Runeterra will fight against the ruined king aka Viega.

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