What is copper used for in Minecraft?

Copper is a common source found in Minecraft. The ore you mine has a strong orange and green color and can be found in any level in the game. She has a chance to multiply at levels 47 and 48, so if it’s hard to find her, you want to dig into those levels and mine around. Once you have the source, you can do a few things with it once you turn it into a copper ingot.

When you melt your copper ore into copper ingots, you can make some useful items with it. These are all items you can make.

  • Copper block
  • Lightning conductor
  • Telescope

A copper block is a standard block that you can use like any other block. Limits are just your imagination and you can make an entire house or castle out of them if you want to go this route. Over time, however, the copper block oxidizes and slowly changes from a rich orange to a coarse blue color. To return it to the initial orange color, you must wax it with a honeycomb and then hit it with an ax or a well-placed lightning strike.

A lightning rod is an object that redirects any lightning that falls near it. You want to place lightning conductors near any place where you do not want the lightning to harm you, especially if it is flammable.

The last item is a telescope. You can use it to view things that are far away from you, making it easy to travel long distances and see if you’re on the right track or not.

These are all the items you can expect in the first part of the Minecraft’s Caves and Cliff update. The second part of the update is expected to decline in the future. This may mean that more items will be added to Minecraft that you can use with copper, but we’re not entirely sure. We’ll update this guide as you learn more.

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