What does the Aqua Affinity enchantment do in Minecraft?

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One of the biggest reasons why underwater levels are so unpopular in video games is that everything slows down. You’ll move from a recognizable pace to a slowdown to crawling, and add a problem with the need to find air to prevent drowning. While Minecraft still solves these problems like any other game, you can do various things to dispel the disadvantages of an underwater game. One of them is the magic of Aqua Affinity. Here’s what he does.

Aqua Affinity is an exclusive helmet charm that will negate the slowdown on underwater mining blocks. Usually, when your character’s head falls below the water surface, you will see that your mining potential slows five times compared to traditional mining on land. Obviously, this causes problems if you’re running out of air, so Aqua Affinity lets you jump in, grab the blocks you want, and get out.

It is important to note that Aqua Affinity does not affect the speed of your extraction when you swim underwater, so make sure you reach the ocean floor before you start digging. Outside its primary level, there are no other levels for magic, so you can’t mine faster underwater than on land.

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